Concerto for Cello & Strings (2008)

Duration c. 20 min
First PerformanceĖ 20th October 2008, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
Kristine Blaumane- solo; Amsterdam Sinfonietta, dir. Candida Thompson
Commissioned by Amsterdamse Cello BiŽnnale, Eduard van Beinum Stichting
Written for Kristine Blaumane and Amsterdam Sinfonietta

I. Turbulent
II. Longing
III. Radiant

Although there are three movements in the concerto, I prefer to think of it as one seamless form- a journey. Continuing a personal exploration of block structures, the first movement presents a dialogue between very turbulent and angular material and a more still, folk-reminiscent theme decorated with expressive grace notes, this eventually reaches a conclusion with a chorale-like idea, rooted in the slower theme of this opening. The second movement begins with a theme based on a pentatonic mode in the solo cello, which slowly becomes more embellished and is transformed into a series of rich chord progressions. The initial theme remains interweaved throughout the movement, though less obviously towards the end. The semiquaver theme of the first movement is the trigger for the main theme in the finale. This new idea takes the angular character of the opening theme and transforms it into a more joyful version, over which the solo line glides and leads towards the final resolution. 

This concerto, written for Kristine Blaumane and Amsterdam Sinfonietta, has been commissioned by the Amsterdamse Cello BiŽnnale and was made possible with the generous support from the Eduard van Beinum Stichting. 

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Tabakova- Concerto for Cello & Strings (2008)
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